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Our Heroes

Xiao Hua, the Kung Fu Cop

Xiao Hua, a recent immigrant living in Chinatown, is the owner and teacher at the Third Eye Dojo.  Xiao Hua performs another duty besides teaching the mystical arts of Kung Fu: he serves out justice to the villains and criminals that prowl Chinatown’s streets.  Licensed by the Golden City Police Department as a Private Detective, Xiao Hua and his constant companion in crimefighting, the Newsie, have vowed to punch, kick, and stamp out crime once and for all!

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The Newsie

Xiao Hua’s sidekick, the Newsie, is a young boy working to sell papers for the Golden City Gazette, a H.R. Sullivan-owned paper.  Besides complaining about the paper’s yellow journalism, he helps the Kung Fu Cop fight crime by introducing him to both America’s cultural history and the long tradition of pulp detectives from comics and film serials.

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Third Eye, Private Eye: The Adventures of the Kung Fu Cop

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